Since 1988 Andrew Calegari managed Fontana di Trevi, a Roman-style Italian eatery on West 57th Street in Manhattan.  Situated across from Carnegie Hall, the restaurant charmed theater crowds and concert-goers alike, but achieved rock & roll immortality when it inspired Billy Joel to pen “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant.” Joel wrote the song’s signature line "a bottle of red, a bottle of white" after one of his many visits to the landmark restaurant.  These days, that “old familiar place” can now be found in Leonia, New Jersey.

To open this new Fontana di Trevi, Andrew Calegari completely renovated the existing space, raising the ceilings, constructing a new façade and redesigning the kitchen to be a single open workstation.  Walls are silky, brushed beige and the dining room is given a soothing texture with subtle lighting and original fixtures from the Manhattan Fontana di Trevi.  Chef Hector Fresnares prepares a number of favorites from the old menu, while featuring a variety of traditional dishes from the north and south of Italy.  Andrew’s wife and partner, Sara, makes the restaurant’s bread and creates classical desserts such as chocolate soufflé served with vanilla gelato and bread pudding made with panettone.

Open from 5:00 to 10:00pm, Tuesday to Sunday, we invite you to visit soon and discover for yourself why the Piano Man sang...
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